We offer custom design and manufacture of aluminium kitchen doors and accessories. Dekomet is dedicated to adapt to the market trends, and through valuable experience offer clients quality and reliability.  Dekomet was established in 2005 and has since grown to to become South Africa’s largest supplier of Specialised Aluminium door frames & accessories. We offer the widest product range, and deliver with exceptional quality and customer service.



Dekomet’s aluminium profiles are well suited for indoor, outdoor and coastal use. Sunshine, or rain your outdoor braai area will have extremely durable doors. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, bar, hospital, office or patio’s – aluminium doors instantly add style to any design. A vast variey of coloured and patterened vynils, tempered- , painted- or sandblasted glass decorate the glass doors.


Taking care of your product

Wash doors with a mild soap and lukewarm water. The glass may be cleaned with Windowlene. If the aluminium frame is scratched, rubbing compound should remove the scratch Grease and oil can be cleaned of with thinners. Scratched vynil on glass can easily be replaced by Dekomet.